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Sourcing Services


Source Services in China

For entrepreneurs, businesses and traders from different parts of the world, China is the major industrial and commercial hub to import high quality machines, tools, hardware and even anything or commercial and household purpose at much lowest possible prices. Start trading with China is certainly a good way, but without source services; you may lose the way or move into wrong direction. Reaching the right sourcing service company is vital.


Sourcing Agent & Suppliers in China

Loyalasian has over 10 years experience in Sourcing Services. Our category include Hardware, Electrical, Home Environment, Houseware, Painting tools, Plumbing and Lawn and Garden. Over 10000 SKUs and 1000 suppliers. You only need to give us detailed product information, we will source right factory with good quality and reasonable price product for you within 3 working days earliest. All info is transparent, you can purchase from factory directly. We only charge you as low as 5% commission based on your total order amount.


In order to streamline source services, it is important to pay heed to the process that is important to get the best of it. Mainly for the trading with customs clearance and complete documentation, source services have their importance.


Sourcing Services Process:


STEP 1: Client can send the sourcing request to our mailbox and you also can start the sourcing request on our website directly.


STEP 2: Loyalasian will assign specialized buyer based on your product info and start to souring factory immediately.


STEP 3: Loyalasian buyer will source 6-8 factories and get the initial quotation.


STEP 4: Loyalasian buyer will filtrate factory from different perspectives, such as factory location, factory social audit, quality system, business nature, factory strength and pricing.


STEP 5: Loyalasian buyer will negotiate price with factories again for better price.


STEP 6: Loyalasian buyer will send final sourcing report and complete quotation with 3-5 suppliers to client.


sourcing service process

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