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About Us

About Us

Loyalasian is a professional sourcing agent in China, specializing in providing comprehensive service to customers who are importing from China. Our team has over 10 years experience in China sourcing.Our category include Hardware, Electrical, Home Environment, Houseware, Painting tools, Plumbing and Lawn and Garden. Over 10000 SKUs and 1000 suppliers.


China Sourcing Office and Agent in China


We have plenty of experience to work with distributor and retails. We provide one-stop service which include sourcing, quotation, purchasing, order follow up, quality control, lab test, factory audit assist, inspection and logistic. We provide free quotation and all information is transparent including supplier details. So that means you can place the order to factory directly.


We only charge you the commission after you place the order, the rate is as lowest as 5%. You only need to start the inquiry and we will handle everything for you. We focus on meeting all our commitments by on-time deliveries and quality driven process systems so as to satisfy our customers. Our service can help you to save time and money and make your business more successful.



China Sourcing Office for All Your Product Sourcing Needs

China is the global manufacturing hub where manufacturers in different cities and provinces are involved in the manufacturing and supplying of a variety of items that are required from household to different industry verticals. However, trading directly with manufacturers is an open invitation to lots of issues. Rather than facing so much of problem, it is better to find the top China sourcing office here experienced professionals are working and helping you in providing you the best quality products in different categories like hardware, electrical, home environment, house ware, painting tolls and different others.


Simple Steps to Find Good China Buying Office or Sourcing Agent/Purchasing Agent
You can call them by any name like Sourcing Agent, Purchasing Agent or Buying Agent. They are the right professionals who play a pivotal role in ensuring safe and smooth business process in China, especially when you are importing anything in large quantity. For importing goods, you need to focus on various things to streamline the shipping process and making everything easier and hassle-free. There are different services that need to taken into consideration like:

  • Sourcing, verifying qualified suppliers
  • Quality control, loading process
  • Supervision, packaging
  • Warehousing (if required), shipping support
  • Business risk control, legal contract support
  • After sale support

An outsourcing agent takes the responsibility of entire process by making everything easier and hassle-free for you. However, reaching the right agent is not easy as you need to focus on various important points. If you are still in confusion and looking for some of the innovative ways to get the right solution for your query, you will have a better option to fulfill your requirement to find the top buying agents, sourcing agents or purchasing agents.


Why Should You Hire Buying/Purchasing Agent

A purchasing agent helps importers globally to import from China. They focus on every step from sourcing to purchasing to delivery on time in safe and secure way. In addition, a good agent can also provide you complete peace of mind.

You will find top qualified buying agents or offices and get a gamut of services like:

  • Finding new products and suppliers China Wide and verifying, inspecting or auditing existing suppliers
  • Negotiate price, make supply chain management better and draft formal purchase contract
  • Quality control management, shipping support, loading process supervision and custom clearance support

They also attend trade fair on your behalf and at the same time as obtain latest market information or trend in their industry in China.

Choosing the right buying office or sourcing agent from China is easy by following a few simple steps.

  • First of all, you have to ask for the client reference from your area or country and check them out prior any cooperation.
  • For long term cooperation, trust level should be higher; while choosing the right buying agent is important – who is near the manufacturer or your product supplier.
  • Don’t forget to ask for their business licence and export license in China
  • Checking them out with local official or third party verification service company will help you in finding the right one
  • You should clear all your doubts and ask them how to avoid issues successfully.
  • You should check the documentation and ask vital questions related to coming orders in China.
  • They should ensure safety regulation in overseas market
  • What are their charges or how to get them is also important to note that will help you in fulfilling your desire. If they are able to satisfy you and your requirement, you should proceed for the work.

Loyal Asian is a reputed sourcing agent, buying agent and purchasing agent working for you to streamline the process and provide you complete solutions. You have to make a contact and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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