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Loyalasian is a professional sourcing agent in China, specializing in providing comprehensive service to customers who are importing from China. We provide one-stop service which include sourcing, quotation, purchasing, order follow up, quality control, lab test, factory audit assist, inspection and logistic. Save your time and money to get the success fast is always our goal.

Sourcing Services

Loyalasian has over 10 years experience in Sourcing Services. Our category include Hardware, Electrical, Home Environ…

Order Follow Up

At the date of the order confirmed by our clients, we will set up a producing schedule with the suppliers and we will…

Quality Control

Loyalasian has pre-production inspection, random sampling inspection, final inspection for mass products and containe…

Logistic Service

Loyalasian has special rate with more than 10 shipping companies so we can get very good shipping price to save your …

Why choose Loyalasian

Easy business and Save your money. Did you purchase from China before?


If you never buy from China before, Loyalasian can help you to make the success more quickly.

As everyone knows, China is world factory. You can find any product in China. But how to find the exact product you want? Most of people only know Google and B2B website such as Alibaba, Global source, Made in China etc…

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Charcoal Barbecue Grill
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Painting Tools Catalog
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Plumbing Tools Catalog

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